7 Simple Ways to Make Gardening Fun This Spring

Gardening with a preschooler

(With a Preschooler) Who doesn’t love to be outside when the weather finally gets warm? My group of littles and I spend most of the days outside during these days. But outside is full of natural therapy, and one of the best therapies I have is gardening. My daughter, who is almost 4, always wants […]

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How COVID Changed Me, and Made My Family Better.

Since the dawn of COVID my family has gone through a lot of growth. Never before have we spent so much time together as a family unit. And truthfully, I haven’t always enjoyed it. But, like everything in life, there are lessons to learn. If you look hard enough there are even opportunities for personal […]

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Sisterhood Matters More Than You Know

Your sisterhood is made up of these very incredible connections to like-minded women. The relationship is unique in its nature because this is your chosen family. These are the ladies that have come together to form a network of support. There is a mutual unconditional love and acceptance without judgement. Sometimes you grow up with […]

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Giving Up Alcohol | What Happened After I got Sober

why I quit alcohol

This morning my aunt sent me a link to a news story that addressed the wine culture in today’s society. Then, it got me thinking about my own journey into sobriety. Alcohol and I have always had a bad relationship, and it started at a very young age. And my relationship with alcohol stemmed mostly […]

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19 Outdoor Activities For Toddlers You Can Do in Your Backyard

Outdoor Activities you can do today

We’ve all heard it time and time again. Kids are getting outdoors less and less these days. Instead, the children of this generation have become accustomed to electronic entertainment. It would seem that the days of endless hours of outdoor activities are over. These days it feels like parents struggle more to get their kids […]

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