Sisterhood Matters More Than You Know

Your sisterhood is made up of these very incredible connections to like-minded women. The relationship is unique in its nature because this is your chosen family. These are the ladies that have come together to form a network of support. There is a mutual unconditional love and acceptance without judgement.

Sometimes you grow up with these girls that make up your sisterhood. And sometimes you are an adult before you meet them. Either way these sisters are probably some of the most important people in your life.

These relationships are the ones that withstand any storm. Your team of women that stand beside you in your sisterhood is the structure that stands amidst the rubble. They are there in the times when everything is together. But, they are there just as much when everything has come apart.

What Sisterhood Really Means

I think that we often underplay the importance of our relationships with our sisterhood. There is so much more happening behind the scenes in that connection with one another. If we take a moment to pause and think about the intrinsic details of a sisterhood you uncover the tue meaning behind it.

It boils down to the validation, love, respect, and room that our sisterhood provides for us. Our sisters give us the reassurance that we are not alone in our feelings and experiences. Your sisterhood gets the flux of emotions. They get the unquieted voices of self doubt, and worry. Most of all, since they relate so well to these experiences, your sisters do not judge. A sisterhood is a safe place that you can unburden your soul, cry, and laugh hysterically, and never feel it is being evaluated.

The homes of your sisters are the ones you can show up unannounced and in your pyjamas. They are the ones you can stand in the kitchen of with tea that you got yourself. If you need something in a pinch your sisterhood is there to help you out. There have been hours of belly laughing, consolation, advice, and therapy. These are your people.

The Chosen Family

I once read a quote that said “this life will make strangers out of your family, and your family out of strangers”. And at the time I read it the dynamics of my bio family was drastically changing. I always thought that blood was thicker than water, and your given family was the most important. The problem with that being – sometimes you have a family of assholes. I am not suggesting that this is entirely my situation. Just that you can have a bad relationship with anyone in your life. And, a relationship that doesn’t serve a positive purpose in your life isn’t worth investment in. I see now, that sometimes your chosen family can become your most prominent one. And your sisterhood – it is your chosen family.

I said it before, your sisterhood is what is left standing after any storm. Let this sink in. Even after my world came crashing down, there was my bff. Standing there holding out her hand, and helping me find my footing. I have been there for her when the same happened to her. Our doors are always open to one another, no matter what time. There is a no limit to however many times you need help and no scores are kept.

My soul sister is the closest thing my daughter has to an aunt in this province. I had people like this in my life growing up. I am sure you did too. That “aunt” or “uncle” who was just your mom or dad’s bff. My BFF is like an auntie to my daughter as much as her kids are my niece and nephew to me. I love them with the same conviction as I would my bio nieces and nephews. I feel as though they have always been in my life, and they always will be in my life. Like family. But I got to choose these ones, and I sure am happy they chose me back.

Strength in a Sisterhood

I think of a sisterhood as a community that thrives when they collaborate together. Women are stronger when we all work together and give one another compassion and love. Having a sisterhood is to have a safe place of complete acceptance and understanding. These ladies are the ones who we have exposed our vulnerability to. They have seen us fall down. And, they did not judge. Instead these women said: “girl, I see you. I have been there too.” And held out a hand to help you stand up again.

Every time I have fallen my soul sister has been there to help me up. Hand outstretched and a smile on her face. And every time that she helps me up I come up stronger. Because, she helped me remember the things I forget when I am down. She has reminded me of the things I am capable of. When I come back up I bring all those things she has reminded me of up with me. I now have the strength to carry on.

The Tidy Up

A sisterhood is so vital to our mental, and spiritual health. These are the people in your life who you can relate to the most. They are usually the first people you turn to when you need advice. Your friendship is bonded with a unique string. One that is only found around these types of relationships.

We need our besties in our lives because they are the ones that relate to us the most. I mean, if you have a husband you probably have a lot that you relate to him. But he is never going to understand the agony of period pains. Your sisters get that though. It’s things like that which make our sisterhood matter so much.

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