How to Choose the Right Gro Clock for Your Toddler

Gro Clock for toddler

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Recently we finally moved my daughter into her own room. This has been a huge transition and adjustment to all of us. Especially since now the teenage boys have to share a room. For now, that is our plan. Well, I hadn’t really anticipated it to be as smooth as it has been, I did expect a few hiccups. One of those being my daughter’s irregular sleeping habits. She likes to get up in the middle of the night, and stay up for hours. So, in my desparation, I was seeking advice from my bestie and she suggested a gro clock. Immediately I was like “yes, that will work”. And you know what? So far using the gro clock we got, it has improved some of her not-so-good sleep habits.

There are literally a million gro clocks that you could choose from. I scrolled and scrolled through the pages on Amazon of gro clocks before I settled on the LittleHippo Ready to Rise Trainer Clock. Which also happened to be the very first clock on the very first page. And I could have saved myself some serious time if I had just chose that one in the beginning. Am I the only one who does this? Anyway, I digress. I am so happy with this little clock! And, if you are looking for a gro clock here are some good features the LittleHippo Ready to Rise Trainer Clock has.

First Impressions of the LittleHippo Ready to Rise Trainer Clock

When the LittleHippo Clock came in the mail it came in a really big box for what it was. So, I think I was anticipating that I would pick up this box and there would be a little weight to it (it weighs 8 ounces). The box was so light I thought some jack-ass at the Amazon warehouse sent me packaged air. The weight isn’t a primary selling point I was just taken aback at how light it was. I am not used to clocks with the weight of a feather. But I was also born in the ’80s when clocks had more parts to them than microchips housed in a plastic body.

Hello Cutest Clock Ever!

I opened the Amazon box to discover that it wasn’t in fact empty, and there was a cute little box with a happy smiling clock on the front. I got the first impression that whoever designed this knew what they were doing. They understand kids. At least they understand what kids find appealing. Before I had tome to fully take in everything my daughter had the box completely apart. I think she even said something to the effect that it was so cute as she was tearing into it.

A kid friendly design decides if a product gets used or not. And while this is mostly the case with items for kids, there are some pretty poorly designed things out there. Using this clock as an example, it has a super cute and fun, happy design, where as the clock found in this link here is a bit scary, if you ask me. All I can see is that owl staring at me. And if I were a kid, I think that would scare the pants off me.


What’s So Awesome?

Ease of Use of Clock

Aside from the uber cute design of this clock, there are other features that I like about it. These features have more to do with the functionality of it and less about appearance. This clock came with detailed instructions that listed them in numerical steps. However, the set up was so simple I didn’t use them past the first page. The ease of setting this clock up was amazing. No, I do not have a ton of time to sit around and play with a bunch of buttons to figure out which one does what. Nor have I the patience to do that.

This clock was so easy to set that my daughter figured out how to do it by watching me set a couple of settings. Aside from the time you can set a white-noise, night light colour and length of time both stay on for. You can also set bedtime and awake time, as well as nap time length. There isn’t much this clock doesn’t do.

No Outlet? No Problem!

This super cute, very functional clock has another pretty awesome feature that adds a little convenience to life. It has a chargeable battery. I can immediately think of two reasons why this is awesome. First, if you don’t have an outlet close to where you want to put the clock, no worries. You can charge it somewhere else and move it to wherever you want. Second, if you have a button masher, like I do, you can move the clock to a height no little hands can reach. You just need to remember to remove the plastic protective tab that keeps the battery from connecting while it’s packaged. I learned that the hard way…

One Year Warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I love it when companies stand behind their products like this. And not everyone is courageous enough to put a guarantee behind their products. So, when a company does this it shows that they believe their product is quality and usually they have put it through the test. And to me this is a good sign because if it breaks in the first year I don’t feel like it was a waste. Given the choice between a clock that doesn’t have a satisfaction guarantee plus a year warranty and one that does? I’d choose the one that does every time.

The Tidy Up

A gro clock is a great device to help your kid regulate their own sleep. Although, like most new things, it does take a bit of adjustment. But the outcome is so worth the growing pains. Especially if your toddler is like mine and wakes up at crazy hours in the night!

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