Spark Creativity in Your Tot With These 5 unexpected Top Toddler Toys

Creativity comes from unusual places

What sparks creativity in kids can really surprise you. My days are spent with three toddlers who have brilliant imaginations. Certain toys especially ignite this spark. This is good news for me. Because, while I want to encourage creativity, I am not that arts and crafty. We spend our days here with creation after creation that are imaginations come to life.

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Build it up With LEGO or Mega Blocks Toys

I mean what kid DOESN’T like LEGO?? Somewhere between me being a baby and me with a baby LEGO changed and all you could find were kits. Until recently that is, when these LEGO Classic kits (check out the link) started to show up on store shelves. This is so awesome because kids get to use their imaginations and not instructions.

Since LEGO is a bit small for some of the kids here, we have MEGA BLOCKS – like these ones found in the link. I find that the littles have an easier time with them. Which ever one you find fits for your kid, both are great for creativity. It’s fun to see what their little imaginations build!

Get on the (Toy) Track to Creativity

Toy tracks are in the top most played with toys in my home daycare. There are so many ways that I see creativity come from the kids when they play with tracks. A favourite in our house are Hot Wheels Track Builder – check out the link. After all, what is better than making cars go really, really fast? The ways that the kids come up with to achieve their goal of ultimate speed is quite creative.

You know those wooden train tracks? You can see what I mean in the link. Those also are great for creative stimulation. There is always some really awesome story that comes out about where the train goes and what it does. However, my recommendation is to get the “free form” train tracks because it allows for more creative options.

Roll Out Creativity with Play-Doh & Accessory Toys

This could be the most favourite of all. Play-Doh (found in the link) is so great because there are just so many things you can do with it. Many of the favourite things to do with Play-Doh is roll it out and then stack all the colours together. From there we cut it into bits and roll out balls. The little Play-Doh balls become “dinner”, and a whole play goes on about cooking dinner. Play-Doh also gets sculpted into faces, cut into shapes, mixed to make new colours, and so much more. There are endless possibilities for creative output with play-doh.

Hide Away with Fort Builders

Do you remember how much fun forts were as a kid?? I remember the best forts were stacked couch cushions and blankets. Of course those were the days cushions actually came off the couch. A fort was a refuge and a club house and a place to let the imagination soar. Flash forward from the ’80s, today you can buy these cool fort builder kits. Check these kits out. Every time a new fort is made a new story emerges. I honestly think they are the coolest toys ever, and encourage all kinds of creativity. A new fort is made every time with a new purpose. Yesterday a castle, today an igloo.

Get Noisy with Musical Instrument Toys

It isn’t really music when the toddlers play the toy instruments. It is more exploration of noise and sounds. Through that exploration they can get quite creative as they discover new pitches. I wouldn’t suggest this route of creativity stimulation if loud noise isn’t your jam. Lots and lots of loud, loud noise. Eventually, they do learn that different sounds can come from the same instrument. Then they try to create something from this discovery. Percussion instruments, like the ones found in this link, are a favourite around here. They are VERY loud but the kids love them! Oh, how much they love them (here is a link to Advil, you may need that too)!

The Take Away

If you aren’t really feeling crafty, but you are looking for a way to be creative, these toys are for your tot. Here are the links to each toy, go check them out:

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