Ida Bova

Thanks for stopping by my little slice of the internet. This blog is a space I created to write and follow a life passion. My journey here has been a pretty bumpy one as I go along ironing it all out.

I am a momma to one and step-momma to two others. I was a little bit older when I came into motherhood (35), and what a journey that it has been. You bet I drink a lot of coffee, sleep very little, and swear a whole bunch.

During the day I operate a Home Daycare and spend my time trying to keep up littles, and their abundance of energy. But, however exhausting that can be, I always make room for projects, projects, and more projects. I’m a pretty busy person during the day and in the evening I chill with my husband catching up on Coronation Street. I believe that no matter how busy life gets it is important to care for yourself too. So, I always make room for that to maintain balance. After all life is a balancing act.

I hope you enjoy,